Having a Ceilidh.  Get down to the smooth sound of a 2/4 bagpipe march stirring at the very porridge of your company.  Going for a Ceilidh band to play your event makes perfect sense.  No one in the company gets left out.  A Ceilidh works for any age group and cuts through the language barrier.

Getting everybody involved. We use progressive dances to mix the company and get people tcheuching with as many others in the room as possible.  We like to throw in one or two dances that no one will know so that expert and first time Ceilidh dancers are picking up a brand new dance at the same time.

Health 'n Safety.  So far it's still legal to play musical instruments without a hard hat but, if you need the certificates to keep your venues happy, all of our equipment is PAT tested and we have Musicians Union Liability Insurance.  Changed days eh?

The nitty gritty.  To work on the detail, talk to us