Photograph By Steve Niblock

If you are throwing a party and you want your company out of their seats and raising stoor on the dance floor.......

Rusty Nail have played at countless events throughout the world since the first line up of the band in 1986.

The band are available for events worldwide. We have experience in working for large corporations, Caledonian and St. Andrews Societies, hotel chains, Government bodies as well as television and film companies, radio stations and village halls. Though rarely in the same week.

We get people up and dancing. Rusty Nail can provide a program of up tempo Ceilidh music interspersed with songs to give your company a breather from the dancing.

All dances can be called before and during each performance as required. The band usually play as a trio but we can put on a full Ceilidh from a two piece line-up to a bigger ensemble as room size and logistics dictate.

Band Line-up. The most compact line-up is a duo. Gregor and Stevie on box and guitar. To add to the two-piece line up, we can draw from any of a large list of pro players we have worked with over the years. We can also put you in touch with any additional performers you want to enlist for other aspects of the event.

Our vocal choices range from Bill Withers to Gogol Bordello who's song Start Wearing Purple could hardly be, we hasten to add, described as disco. We can provide connections for MP3 players, CD players, Ipods etc. should you want to play background or disco music during the band break. 

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